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Office of Equity and Human Rights

Salary $65,811.00 – $109,491.00 Annually

Are you an experienced equity professional passionate about the intersectionality between equity, budget, and governmental laws? You may be the Small Bureau Equity Manager we are looking for! 

The Small Bureau Equity Manager is located in the Office of Equity and Human Rights and is assigned as a dedicated “consultant” for appropriate durations to small bureaus requiring consistent, dedicated subject matter expertise to transform and incorporate racial and disability equity into their work.   The anticipated bureaus this position will begin to support will be the City Budget Office as well as the Office of Governmental Relations. This position will work under the Office of Equity and Human Rights category of “Bureau Administration, Performance, and Professional Development.”

 About the position:   The Small Bureau Equity Manager is a change agent for the integration of equity best practices within assigned small bureaus. The position is responsible for understanding and analyzing client bureaus and providing leadership teams and staff help with identifying areas of improvement and assisting in the creation of work plans to implement equity best practices. The Small Bureau Equity Manager may play key roles in designing, advising and leading trainings, strategic planning, and the development of effective reporting and performance measurement tools as they relate to equity. The position influences and collaborates with bureau leadership and staff with efficiency and flexibility.

The City has several small bureaus that primarily provide citywide and internally facing services. These bureaus are uniquely positioned to significantly impact processes and systems that affect the City’s ability to integrate equity and achieve needed and desired equitable outcomes. However, these same bureaus have significant service demands, few staff and limited budget flexibility to absorb the dedicated, focused equity work needed to achieve the City’s goals. The Small Bureau Equity Manager helps address this deficiency for these bureaus by establishing an equity subject matter expert at the Office of Equity and Human Rights who acts as a dedicated ‘consultant’ for agreed upon assignments and/or durations to small bureaus in need.
 What you’ll get to do:

  • Develop and implement of strategic initiatives, equity goals, & trainings by becoming intimately familiar with client bureau operations to provide strategic guidance. This includes a nuanced understanding of required and expected deliverables, and governing rules and bodies and collaborating with a variety of assign “client” Director(s) and leadership team(s)
  • Review office policies and procedures and make recommendations related to equity
  • Establish goals, objectives and performance metrics in keeping with best practices for both internal operations and bureau’s citywide service provision
  •  Facilitate implementation of strategic initiatives and equity plans by setting meetings and deadlines, facilitating discussions, reviewing work products and providing feedback.
  • Collaborate with bureau leadership to establish accountability measures for equity outcomes
  •  Serve as recourse for staff related to diversity, equity and inclusion strategy
  •  Review job postings and recruitment materials and processes
  • Provide guidance on Civil Rights Title Vi and ADA Title II policy and practice in collaboration with the Civil Rights Title VI division and the ADA Title II division.
  • Confer and coordinate with other City equity managers on policy and procedure updates, best-practices implementation, and City-wide projects.
  • Provide small, ad-hoc advice and assistance to client bureau staff and program managers as requested.
  • Participate in and contribute to the Office of Equity and Human Rights Strategic Plan implementation
  • Participate as a member of the larger Citywide Equity Manager and Equity Practitioners network

Who you are:

  • Experienced Equity Professional: You have a strong commitment to and demonstration of racial and disability equity, eliminating anti-Black racism, anti-indigenous racism, and systemic White supremacy, as well as an understanding of intersectionality in a racial equity-centered framework.
  • Strong Communicator: You can build trust and strong relationships through transparent and clear communication.  You’re comfortable with facilitation and navigating conflict through a trauma informed lens.  
  • Strategic: You demonstrate and understand tools and strategies necessary to dismantle structural and institutional racism particularly revolving around finance & governmental laws.
  • Historical awareness: You understand the history and legacy of racial disparities and lack of equity in laws and the impact of budget decisions on communities.

To Qualify

The following minimum qualifications are required for this position:

  1. Knowledge of the impacts of equity within budget and governmental law development
  2. Experience with equity analysis & inclusion program development including facilitating the implementation of strategic equity initiatives.
  3. Experience in conflict resolution and the ability to manage discomfort and tension that may arise when addressing issues of race, disabilities, and other disparities
  4. Experience communicating effectively with diverse stakeholders including leadership and ability to collaborate with leadership to establish accountability measures for equity outcomes & increase equity in program budgets
  5. Ability to design and/or adapt equity trainings to meet needs identified by bureaus

 The Recruitment Process

An evaluation of each applicant’s training and experience, as demonstrated in their resume and answers to supplemental questions, weighted 100%. Do not attach materials not requested. Only candidates who meet the minimum qualifications will be placed on the equally ranked eligible list. You have 14 days from the notice of the examination results to let us know if you disagree with your results. Please read the City of Portland Administrative Rule 3.01 for complete information. Additional evaluation may be required prior to establishment of the eligible list and/or final selection.

**PLEASE NOTE: The eligible list generated from this recruitment may be used to fill future vacancies**

Recruitment Timeline: 

  • Posting:  Closes 4/19
  • Applications Reviewed:   Week of 4/19
  • Eligible List:   Week of 4/26
  • Selection Phase Begins: Early May
  • Job Offer:  Mid-Late May

*Timeline is approximate and subject to change without notice

Application Instructions

Applicants must submit a professional resume and responses to the supplemental questions online, specifically focused on your qualifications for this position as identified in the “To Qualify” section of this announcement in accordance with the following Application Instructions:

  • Your résumé and responses to the supplemental questions will be the basis for our evaluation of your qualifications for this position. Incomplete or inappropriate information may result in disqualification.
  • Your responses to the supplemental questions should include details describing your education, training and/or experience, and where obtained which clearly reflects your qualifications for each of the numbered items in the “To Qualify” section of this announcement.
  • Your resume should support the details described in your responses to the supplemental questions.
  • If you are requesting Veteran’s Preference, as identified below, please describe in your responses to the supplemental questions and resume any transferrable skills obtained during your military service and how they relate to each of the required minimum qualifications under the “To Qualify” section above.

Please note, all completed applications for this position must be submitted no later than on the closing date and time of this recruitment.  All applications must be submitted via the City’s online application process.  Do not attach materials not requested.   E-mailed and/or faxed applications will not be accepted.


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