Location 2: Yamhill County Housing Authority Building

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The “Foundations” project consists of conceptualization, preparation, and execution of a Mural
on the west facing wall of the Yamhill County Housing Authority building, facing the train


  • Create an approachable art piece attractive to locals and visitors
  • Add visual interest and culture to a colorless area
  • Be highly visible from a distance

Improve wayfinding between McMinnville’s historic downtown and the Granary District,
and encourage foot traffic between the two areas across the train tracks
We wish for the Mural to be representative and respectful of the history of the McMinnville area
and create a sense of place. This location runs parallel to train tracks and directly across from a
historical train station, and it is the halfway point between our historic downtown core and the
Granary District (an up-and-coming makers’ district full of wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants,
breweries, and shopping). It is a prominent location in the heart of our City, located at a
crossroads between our history and our future. It will serve as an important part of the landscape
for years to come. Submissions should reflect the themes above.
NOTE: This project is the second of a series of Mural installations planned over the coming 3-5
years and is intended to be a first in a series leading from the Historic Downtown to the Granary

Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM, June 11, 2021.

From these applications, one to four finalists will be selected and notified. The selected finalists
will receive a stipend of $ 500.00 to develop a finished proposal, including their proposed
budget. The final proposals will be due no later than July 16, 2021. These proposals will be
reviewed by our selection committee. Each submitting finalist Artist/s will have an individual
Artist/s meeting with the selection committee to present and explain their proposed Mural. This
will lead to the selection of the Artist/s to create the Mural. The final selection is intended to be
complete by July 30, 2021.

All applications will be reviewed and juried to help ensure the quality of the project and
suitability of the concept to public art and to the City. Both solo artists and teams of artists will
be considered for the project.

To be considered, each of the following must be included with the Artist/s application:
 Current personal resume of the Artist/s (maximum 2 pages per artist).
 Images of prior Murals completed by the Artist/s, not more than 10 pages.
 Full contact information for the Artist/s.
 A minimum of 1, but no more than 6 images or sketches, of each proposed Mural may be
o All images submitted must be labeled with name of Mural and the Artist/s, so as
to avoid confusion.
o Please include a master list of images if the application includes more than one
proposed finished Mural.
 The intended color pallet of the Mural.
 An estimated budget for the proposed project.

In the case of multiple submissions, each proposed Mural will be judged on its own merits.

Applications must be submitted to BOTH of the following email addresses:


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