CLICK HERE for a list of current open recruitments (see “Upcoming Events” on right side panel). All advisory body positions are volunteer positions. Full descriptions of the position and instructions on how to apply are posted on the City of Portland Job Opportunities website; to find the advisory body postings on the job opportunities website, search “volunteer (non-paid)”.

City decision-makers rely on Portlanders to inform their policymaking. One way to provide advice and input is by joining an advisory body! An advisory body is any City of Portland board, committee, or commission tasked with advising city bureaus and special projects. They are a powerful tool for community volunteers and city liaisons to collaborate on government projects and provide valuable insights on our diverse community needs and interests. They provide a space for city officials and communities to come together to hear appeals and concerns, provide expertise and advocate, develop and implement code, review current practices, and plan future services.


Advisory Bodies Program


Phone: 503-823-4000


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