Central to our mission is direct advocacy for public policy to help us achieve our vision. We work with elected and appointed decision-makers, as well as communicating directly with voters on ballot initiatives to educate them on policy choices. We offer the perspective of our members, partners and street users, informed by our own rigorous research and policy development.

The right candidate: You are comfortable taking a 15-minute meeting with a state legislator, testifying before Metro Regional Government, or taking notes during a PBOT budget meeting. You understand the law enough that you can imagine changing it. You understand the similarities and differences between campaigns for office, for legislation, and for ballot measures. You also have a solid working knowledge of how the public policy sausage is made and are willing to negotiate to make progress.

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To apply:

Send an email to hiring@thestreettrust.org with the name of the position for which you are applying in the subject line. Include a cover letter, resume, and one additional attachment of your choice such as a work sample or link to a portfolio or LinkedIn profile. Candidates who advance will be asked for references at a later date. We are open to candidates who wish to apply for multiple positions with the same resume and cover letter – please reference both positions in your subject line and cover letter. Please, only one email per person, and no calls. If you require application assistance please email your request to the same address with the subject line “Requesting assistance.”

About The Street Trust

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The Street Trust is a membership advocacy organization representing street users from across the Portland Metro area. We advocate to break the political gridlock to address unsafe and incomplete public streets that threaten lives and livelihoods, and to win policy and investments that save lives, reduce barriers, and expand opportunities to the people and neighborhoods our current system neglects.

About These Positions

The Street Trust is building a new team as we prepare to publicly unveil our new Strategic Action Plan – a roadmap to how we intend to win the future of transportation. Everyone we hire will hold some responsibility for each aspect of the new plan, but each new hire will be positioned to lead internal and external discussions on one of our four priority areas (see below). These are new positions, so the successful candidate will have the opportunity to influence how the position takes shape and grows at The Street Trust.

Work at The Street Trust

We hire to help us to achieve the goals laid out in our strategic plan. We offer transparent pay and competitive benefits to full-time employees, and flexible work with living wages for part-time employees. Our workplace supports professional development and centers passionate professionalism. We hire without strict requirements, recognizing that many candidates from low-income backgrounds, communities of color, gender and sexual minorities, and people with disabilities face barriers to obtaining advanced degrees or work experience. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we recognize increased diversity can only strengthen our organization and the victories we can achieve. We pay equitably and do not negotiate salaries, which can perpetuate pay gaps. Above all, we hire people who come from the communities we serve and represent. Our staff are passionate about our vision of the future, respect the members and partners who make our organization so special, and share our commitment to equity, safety, and a clean and accessible transportation system for all.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, new hires must remain flexible, staying abreast of and implementing their duties in alignment with up-to-date COVID-19 protocols.

Four positions are open. If any of these sounds like you or someone you know, today is the day to apply! We are taking applications on a rolling basis and interviews will begin the first week of June. Positions open until filled.


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