Multnomah County is leading the Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge (EQRB) project to provide rapid and reliable emergency response, rescue and evacuation after a major earthquake, as well as enable post-earthquake economic recovery. In addition to ensuring that the crossing is seismically resilient, the purpose is also to provide a long-term, low-maintenance and safe crossing for all users.

As part of the federally required process by the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, the project team, working with the Federal Highway Administration (the federal lead agency), prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement, or EIS. The Draft EIS describes the range of alternatives being considered, their impacts, and potential ways to mitigate those impacts. It also recommends a preferred alternative. We are seeking community input on the information in the Draft EIS that will help make project decisions, including the selection of a single preferred alternative to design and build.

You are invited to use this online open house to examine and comment on the analysis presented in the Draft EIS during the 45-day public comment period ending on March 22, 2021.

If you have already reviewed the materials and are ready to submit a comment, you can go straight to the Comment section of this website.

The project team is also taking input on bridge type selection in early 2021. Please visit the Earthquake Ready Burnside type selection web page to provide input on the types of bridges and lift spans under consideration.


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