Black Mental Health Oregon gathers the Black community to have courageous conversations on mental health in Oregon through collaboration, awareness, resources and education. Our mission is to co-facilitate mental wellness in all areas of life; support, teach, and train around wellness practices to achieve quality of life for our communities of color, to break the stereotypes and rewrite the narratives that hinder the mental, physical, and emotional lives of African, African American, African Immigrants and African Refugee, Caribbean, and LGBTQ communities.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we have pivoted to serve our communities in ways that are responsive to their needs. We have been
focusing on food security (providing food boxes for our most impacted clients), and COVID-19 awareness, safety practices and preparedness. We
have also been focusing on making the organization’s structure more stable and are planning on offering a refresher course of our culturally
specific, Emotional Emancipation Circle training that’s been updated to adapt to our current social and civil realities.

A Technology kit application is attached below. Please fill out and email to

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